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Small Repairs

Due to funding restrictions this service will no longer be free of charge however as we feel it is a vital service to our clients we are continuing to carry out these works but from April 2014 there will be a charge for any visits.

On your invitation a small repairs officer will visit your home to assess the repair.  If it is possible the repair will be done there and then.  If additional materials are required our worker will ascertain the cost of the materials and approve the cost prior to carrying out the works. This service is open to all older and disabled people in Angus however we will not carry out repairs that are the landlords responsibility.

Key Benefits

Labour is charged at £20 per hour.

Only the materials used for the repair are charged to the client

Dedicated staff who are committed to the client group

Type of works – all minor jobs within the home that will take under 4 hours to complete

Small joinery repairs

Easing windows and doors, putting up and shelf, fitting a letter box

Small plumbing repairs

Tap and cistern washers

Small Electrical works

Changing light bulbs, replacing an existing pendant light

For more information please call 01307 463232 and ask to speak to Helen or Kath.